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Arden cast alloy inlet manifold



Although my Turner is an Alexander assembled/tuned version, with the car came an Arden inlet manifold. The Arden Racing and Sportscar Ltd  or Arden Conversions Ltd. was a tuning company located in Penn Lane, Tanworth-in-Arden, Solihull. Warwickshire. They are especially known for their 8 port BMC-A head as used e.g. on the Mini.  In the limited information there is on this company the following catalogue data have been obtained.

Tuned length Arden cast alloy inlet manifold for twin SU 1½” carburettors (1960 – 1962)

Price £ 5. 5. – (in 1962)

Arden H4 manifold 1 Arden H4 manifold 2

Arden H4 manifold 3 Arden H4 manifold 4

Current stud length is based on use of AHH 5713 Phenolic Insulating Gasket for H4 carbs (about 10mm thick). If needed studs can be easily replaced.

Some cracks have been professionally TIG welded and do not impair the functional strength of the manifold. As the manifold has been casted in a (rather pure) Aluminium alloy LM25 (Al Si7 Mg0.5) welding did not cause any problems (unlike with most zinc based alloys like ZAMAK). After welding the flanges have been machined to obtain a perfect mating to the cylinder head.