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13” Moto-Lita Mk III in Turner

Moto-Lita Mk III Steering wheel flat 13” wood rim (early version)

My Alexander-Turner 950 came with a 13” wooden steering wheel. It turned out to be a very early genuine 13” Moto-Lita Mark III as confirmed by Mr Simon Green, founder of Moto-Lita . A copy of his email is shown below.

MotoLita Email

clip_image002 Wheel
clip_image004 Boss


Moto-Lita are about the only survivor from the 1960’s. Early steering wheels supplied by Moto-Lita have no markings. However, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, as demand increased for these steering wheels Moto-Lita began to mark them with “Moto-Lita” on the back side of the steering wheel. Usually on the left ( horizontal ) spoke as viewed from the rear.

The Mark III Wood Rim steering wheels, were the very first Moto-Lita range of wheels to be manufactured at our Surrey factory in 1957. Wheels from this range were supplied to many of the Classic British car makers such as A.C, Cooper, Healey, Jensen, MG Car Company and TVR to name a few.

Original brochure early 60’s





Derrington steering wheel hub for flat wood rim wheel

Looks identical to the Moto-Lita boss. Is it?

clip_image015 clip_image017

clip_image019 clip_image021

New Moto-Lita Mk III Steering wheel dished 13” wood rim