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Martini 100 1960 Mackenzie Martini 100 1960 21 May

As the (proud) owner of a 1960 Turner Sports 950 I can fully understand that most people (and even many car specialists) have never heard of Turner as a UK sportscar manufacturer.

I gladly refer to the excellent Turner website  for more information about the history, background and achievements of the brand. It will immediately become clear that Mr. Jack Turner was actively involved in (and had a large contribution to)  the British autosports scene of the Fifties and Sixties with clear successes in many races and championships.

When I found my (Alexander) Turner in the early Eighties it was in a very poor state and in fact consisted of a collection of parts. It took me about 12 years before I actually could drive the car. As in those days there was even less information available about Turners, it was a long and troublesome road to get sufficient information to re-assemble the Turner in a historically correct way. I literally relied on a few Turner enthusiast throughout Europe to obtain the missing information.

Turner in Silverstone 2008 Attending 60 years of Silverstone 2008

During the long period of restoration, but also thereafter, I gathered a lot of information on Turners and tuning companies closely related like Alexander. I can imagine that other Turner owners, but also those interested in the subject, may be in need for additional information.  For that reason I started this website, showing as much information as I can, that will hopefully help others.

Turner in the barn March 2012 “Turner in the Barn”

To make this information accessible I followed the structure of the (very rare) Turner 950 Sports Service Parts List. Unfortunately Turner was too small to introduce a dedicated part numbering system in the factory but used a “descriptive” system for ordering replacement parts. Therefore, where possible I made a link to the specific supplier part number (such as Lucas, BMC, Girling just to name a few).


3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Rod Begbie

    Hi Bob

    I very much enjoyed reading your Turner website which I came across when searching for info on my Elva MkIV (“180 JFC”). That’s the other car in the 1960 Martini 100 photo.

    A friend of mine has just bought a Turner with the intention to race it. I assume you still have yours?

    Kind regards


  2. Olof Neergaard

    I just found you lovely website. I’m restoring a 1960 Alexander Turner (60-403) and wonder if you have any pictures showing the routing of the brake pipes on your 950? I set out working on the car many years ago and can’t find the pictures taken from disassembly. Well, life was more complicated before digital photography.

    Kind regards
    Olof Neergaard, Malmö, Sweden


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