Bonnet stay (hood prop) XK 140 FHC

Bonnet stay (hood prop stick) construction for Jaguar XK 140 FHC

The Jaguar Service Parts Catalogue for the XK 140 (FHC) describes the following parts for the XK 140 FHC Bonnet Stay construction:

Parts list Bonnet stay construction

This construction is different from the one for the 140 OTS and DHC: all parts for the FHC are specific for this model only. The XK 150 is again different.

BD.10803 Bracket on Bonnet for pivot


This bracket acts as a hinge for the prop and is attached to the bonnet centre. There are 4 holes in the bracket. The 2 smaller holes near the pivot pin are used for a pop-rivet to hold the Bracket in place (temporarily), while the outer 2 (larger) holes are used for the fixation of the chrome bonnet strip BD9779 over the bonnet and are secured with a nut on the inside. These are the Special Bolts BD.2248 (“hammerhead”) bolts that slide into the chrome strip.

BD.10123 Prop assembly

This prop stick has an overall length of about 27” or 685 mm. Note that the prop is “handed” and should be fitted in a specific way for the “rest” to stay under the correct angle in the Radiator Bracket C.10144.

C.10144 Radiator Bracket

Radiator 2 IMG_0486    Old (LH) and new (RH) radiator with Bracket C.10144 in place. (Incorrectly positioned on LH photo!)

Although the XK 140 used two different radiators, the Radiator Bracket remained identical but the mounting of the bracket is somewhat different.

Bracket C10144 L-shaped bracket is rather simple to manufacture

The early radiator used long  “tie rods” with corresponding brackets fixed to the radiator. Radiator Bracket C.10144 is affixed under the 5/16″  UNF bolt used for the connection of the “tie rod”. The later radiator used “tie bars” but the method of fixing the L-shaped Radiator Bracket C.10144 is the same , positioned with the longer part of the bracket towards the centre of the car .

BD.11095 Clip and Bracket assembly on bonnet for prop when not in use

IMG_0488 Rubber BD14943

Whereas the prop rest on a clip attached to the inner wing for the OTS and DHC, for the FHC a special bracket is attached to a cross panel on the inside of the bonnet. The rubber, however, is identical for all versions. There is no part number in the XK 140 SPC for this rubber part but some part suppliers use a later XK150 number BD.14943; this (longer) rubber has to be cut to size.

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