SU Fuel pump clones

SU Fuel pump clones

There are many SU fuel pump clones made in Germany, New Zealand, Japan etc. Some examples:

  • Harting, Germany (became later Hugo; not to be confused with Huco)
  • Hardi, Germany (still manufacturing modern electrical fuel pumps)
  • AutoPulse (Walbro), USA
  • MoProd (ECCO), New Zealand

Harting Fuel Pumps

image   12V SD 5 58.
Harting fuel pump 2 Harting fuel pump 3 AUA 57 clone
Harting fuel pump 1 Harting fuel pump 2  NOS Harting pump

Hardi fuel pumps.

image  Hardy fule pump Early version
Old Hardi J58 with box Early version J 58 in original box
Hardi J58 complete 1971 Hardi J58 fuel pump cover 1971 1971 version

Technical data for the Hardi type J 58 pump:

  • Capacity: 60 litre/hr (13.5 Imp. gallon/hr)
  • Suction height: 1 metre (40 inches)
  • Pressure: 0.2 bar.
  • Contact points clearance: 1.2 mm (0.05 inch)
  • Connections: BSSP ⅜ “
  • Weight: 1.3 kilo
Hardi J58 fuel pump detail 1971   Fuel pump Hardi J 58  Right: later Hardi type J58   

Autopulse (Walbro) USA Fuel Pumps

image  image

Moprod (New Zealand) Fuel Pumps

Moprod is a manufacturer of automotive parts including  fuel pumps, mostly mechanical but also electrical ones. Some have a total plastic body. Supplies are still possible via various sources. More modern fuel pump versions have type numbers in the range FP 500E, FP 503E, etc.

 Early version
Moprod fuel pump 1 Moprod fuel pump 2 Later version FP 500E
Moprod FP 503E 1 Moprod FP503E 2 Later FP 503E

Spare Parts

Normally SU spare parts don’t fit the above clones. Spare parts are for most brands no longer available.


Points for Harting fuel pump as found on Ebay. VERA was a major US Import Auto Parts distributor for a short period in the early 1980’s, like Bap-Geon and Beck Arnley and World Parts.

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