Interior lights XK 140 FHC (BD5367 & 68)

Interior lights XK 140 FHC (BD5367 & BD5368)

The Jaguar parts list shows the following components:


The metal Lamp Housing is referred to as Recess Assembly for the XK 120 or Pocket Assembly for the XK 140 coded BD 5334 and BD5335. Also coded as BF1088/L and BF1088/R

clip_image004 clip_image006

These items are used in the following cars:

  • XK120 FHC
  • XK140 FHC
  • MK1
  • MK7/8/9

Please note that the bottom rim of the metal Lamp Housing of the saloon models is sometimes wider than the one of the XK models, but these can be cut to size easily.

Interior Lamp FHC BD5367 (LH) & BD5368 (RH)

The complete assembly of the interior light consists of the following parts:


Early Interior lights had a single ½” large hole for the NEG lamp contact, whereas the POS (Earth) lamp contact had a smaller hole (3/16”) and this contact was connected to the metal reflector. Later Interior lights had two ½” large holes for both lamp contacts, meaning both POS and NEG earth systems could be used.

clip_image020 Early and later type Reflector.

Assembly comprising Casing, Pocket and Interior Lamp


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    I’m currently restoring rear interior quartel lights (both sides) in my Mark IV – the previous restorer didn’t knew they ever existed:)

    Anyway, I can write you more about my little project – let me know what is your e-mail adress.

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