Fitting a Fuel Filter in the Jaguar XK 140

Fitting a Fuel Filter in the Jaguar XK 140

It is possible to fit the “AC type” Fuel Filter of the later XK 150 (Jaguar code C13681) in a Jaguar XK 140 (FHC). This type of fuel filter can be ordered new but also found in used condition at car jumbles or on Ebay (and spare parts are also available). For the conversion the existing fuel pipes of the XK 140 have to be modified, but this can be done in a way that the original situation can be restored at all times. For my LHD XK 140 FHC I have placed the Filter on the valence panel above the RH Battery Box, close to the fuel pump pipe and the carburettors.

clip_image002Petrol filter C 13681 in position with air filters removed
clip_image004Original “AC type” fuel filter

Required Parts

There are two alternative ways to make the connections from and to the fuel filter. Alternative 1 uses the Flexible Hose of the XK 150, but this limits the freedom to choose  an optimal position for the fuel filter. Alternative 2 uses two new (but period) longer flexible fuel hoses.

The following parts are required for alternative 1:

  • Petrol Filter C13681
  • Flex hose + banjo C14492
  • Banjo bolt UNF ½”-20
  • Fibre Washer C784 (½”)
  • Copper pipe 5/16”
  • Male Union 9/16” UNEF-24
  • Olive for 5/16” pipe
clip_image006 Fuel pipe from pump to filter
clip_image007 From filter to carburettors
clip_image009  Banjo bolt C13705 (2x)

For alternative 2 the following parts are required:

As mentioned alternative 1 limits the freedom as the Flexible hose + banjo C14492 is only 255 mm long. There are longer fuel hoses (about 400 mm) available with a ½” Banjo at one end and a Female connector 9/16”-24 UNF at the other. Some of these braided fuel hoses are “Smiths Petro-Flex” branded. We need 2 of them. The existing Flex Hose C3689 is removed completely and the new (longer) flexible hose is installed instead and fitted with the banjo bolt C13705 to the inlet of the Filter. The second flexible hose is mounted with banjo bolt C13705 to the Outlet of the filter and connected to the existing Fuel Pipe C3810 which runs to the carburettors.

clip_image011 Alternative 2 using two longer flexible hoses.

Replacement Filter elements

The original XK 150 fuel filter had a simple “sediment screen” Jaguar part number 7299. Later Jaguars had a paper element installed ( part number C28080). Some (cheap) elements are known to “dissolve” in petrol and create filter problems over time: buy a good filter to prevent this.


clip_image013 Paper fuel filter element

2 thoughts on “Fitting a Fuel Filter in the Jaguar XK 140

  1. Peter Olsthoorn

    Is the position of the external fuel filter possible on a normal XK140. (type without pancake filter) ?
    Mine has a big round air filter directly mounted on the outside of the carburetors.
    In this case there will be not enough room for the filter and hoses.


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