Thermostat Housings BMC-A

Thermostat Housings BMC-A

The Thermostat housing of the BMC 950 engine of Turners sometimes corrode to the extent that they start leaking and have to be replaced. Finding a replacement is no problem: see the survey below. All versions use the same Gasket GTG 101.

Housings from AH Sprite/MG Midget (vertical flow radiators)

  • 948 cc    AEA306
  • 1098      12G243
  • 1275      12G1445

Housings from AH Sprite/MG Midget (later cross flow radiators)

  • 1275      12G1902

clip_image002                 clip_image004

Thermostat housing early sprite (AEA306)            Thermostat housing cross flow radiator (12G1902)

Even those from the Austin/Morris Mini (incl. Cooper) may fit:

  • 998cc     12G103
clip_image006 Thermostat housing Mini 998 (12G103)


When the thermostat is removed (e.g. racing engines) a blanking sleeve is required to secure a good coolant flow.

clip_image010Thermostat blanking sleeve 11G176

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