Turner 950 Mk 1 Door Locks

Turner Mk 1 door locks

The Turner Mk 1 uses door locks from various “Standard” car types. The brand “Standard-Triumph” later continued as Triumph. A complete door locking systems consists of the following parts (see Plate J in the Service Parts List):

  • Part J 4                                  Door handle (2x)
  • Part J 8                                  Door Lock LH
  • Part J 8A                                Door Lock RH
  • Part J 9                                  Door striker LH
  • Part J 9A                                Door striker RH
  • Part J 10                                Dovetail Male (2x)
  • Part J 11                                Dovetail Female (2x)

Part J 4                 Door handle (2x)

Handles WB for Turner Mk 1 Door handle exploded

The handles are made by Wilmot Breeden and  used on the Standard 8 and 10, Pennant and Companion, Vanguard IA and Vanguard II. There are versions with and without a locking barrel. Turner used only the version without a locking barrel. The end of the barrel has an adjustable rod that activates the door lock.

Part J 8 and J 8A                Door locks for Turner 950 Mk 1

Door locks WB Turner Mk 1 Door Lock WB for Turner Mk 1

Turner used inner door locks from the Standard Ten. These were made by Wilmot Breeden. Part No’s on lock mechanism:

  • 3’ 10574-5-6-7    LH    3’ 8591-2
  • 3’ 10574-7          RH    3’ 9370-1
clip_image002 Compare door lock construction from Standard Super 8

Part J 9 and J 9A                Door strikers

The door striker is a pin on a bracket (LH and RH versions) that  slides into the door lock. Part Nº unknown. To adjust the position of the striker in relation to the door lock (also to compensate dimensional variation in door-manufacturing) spacers are available in various thicknesses.

Doorstriker LH Door Door striker RH Door strikers LH and RH

The pin of the striker is about ¾” (19 to 20 mm) long (measured from its baseplate without any spacers placed). The pin of the striker has a “tough life” and is often damaged. The pin has a triangular shape, but it can be repaired using a steel rod of about ⅜” (9 to 10 mm) in diameter welded to the (remains of) the original pin.

Door striker spacer Door striker spacer

Part J 10                               Dovetail Male (2x)

The male part is mounted in the door opening. Part Nº unknown

Part J 11                              Dovetail Female (2x)

Lock dovetail female for Turner Mk 1

The female part is mounted inside the door of the Turner and receives the Male Dovetail part J 10. It guides the door into the correct position. Part Nº unknown.

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  1. David C. Wolfe

    I have a 1960 Turner 950 Mark 1. The previous owner had cut off the stems on the door striker plates. Would you have dimensions and a picture or drawing of the actual door striker plate stems onto which the door latches engage? Thank you for your help.


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