Stub axle repair Turner 950

After more than 60 years of (intensive) use the stub axles of Turner 950’s may have suffered to the extend that e.g. bearings have too much play on the axle and replacement is required. Especially those having the special Girling Type 10 disc brakes mounted, may be a candidate for stub axle replacement.


New complete stub axle/kingpin forgings (BMC part number BTA 744 and 745) are difficult (impossible) to find and used replacements may have suffered even more than the old ones you are about to replace.

Installing a new stub axle may be the solution but requires certain skills and equipment but can be done. The attached drawing could offer some guidance for this replacement: any well equipped shop could make this axle. The old axle has to be machined from the upright and the diameter and length of the machined hole and new stub axle should be matched to secure a good press-fit.

New bearings SKF 7205 (Ø 25,0 x 52,0 x 15 mm) and SKF 7303 (Ø 17,0 x 47,0 x 14 mm) should be installed and the bearing spacer (88G321) between the 2 bearings checked for correct dimensions as the correct bearing play is determined by the length of this part in combination with the castle nut adjustment. Use new washers (2A 4003) and castle nuts (51K 328).



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