Lucas wing mirrors on Jaguar (’45 to ’70)

Potential suppliers of wing (fender) mirrors

Known for their electrical equipment, Lucas also had a large range of rear view mirrors in their programme from the 1930s onwards. It is therefore logical that Jaguar first had a look at the Lucas mirror portfolio. Next to Lucas there were a large number of other (pre-war) mirror manufacturers like Wingard, Magnatex (TEX), Raydyot, Desmo, and many others. We have to note that in the 1940s and 1950s there were many countries without a legal obligation to have exterior mirrors and therefore  these mirrors were only offered as an “optional extra” or even to be purchased by the owner as an aftermarket product. In (some states of) the USA, however,  it was necessary to have one exterior mirror mounted at the driver side.

Lucas mirror advertisement 1937 1937 Lucas catalogue; note that Lucas 406 mirror dates from 1937

Wing (fender) mirrors for Jaguars: the 406 series with convex glass.

“First generation” Lucas 406 

In the mid-Thirties Lucas introduced the “Lucas 406 exterior mirror for mud-wing mounting” which was available as Nearside and Offside version. The 1939 Lucas Catalogue 400B refers to an outer diameter of 4  3/16 inch or 106 mm and lists the following part numbers:

406/29-OS     580.733                                                                                                                                                                  406/41-NS     580.736

The Lucas 406 series exterior mirror is mounted with a single bolt (5/16” BSF) through the front wing. It has a chromium plated round mirror head, and was available  with convex glass only. The mirror head is adjustable and is secured by a clamp using 3 screws. This implies that all Jaguars manufactured before the mid sixties could have convex mirrors only. Flat glass mirrors are a later addition or replacement.

Lucas 406 29 in old box Original 406/29 convex glass mirror and box

The Jaguar Mark V parts catalogue lists the Lucas 406 mirror 580733/A for RHD and 580736/A for LHD. Apparently only one side was supposed to get a mirror  installed on the wing above the front wheel. We also find the description (supporting this) that some Jaguars only had an “O/S mirror” (off side or passenger side).

The RH(D) mirror Lucas part number 580733 is known as Lucas model 406/29: this a chromium plated 4¼” round exterior mirror with mounting Bracket 620783. Similarly, LH(D) mirror Lucas part number 580736 is Lucas model 406/41 and is fully identical apart from the Bracket, now part number 620784: the two brackets are “handed”. Note that the indication /29 and /41 relate to the type of Bracket used; this number is also found on the base of the brackets.

The Jaguar XK120 didn’t have the (factory) option to order exterior (wing) mirrors, but there are sufficient photos around to proof that the Lucas 406 mirror was used on the XK120. The most famous is possibly NUB120 which had the first generation Lucas 406/29 and 406/41 from 1950 onwards.

XK120 NUB120 lucas mirror NUB 120 with early Lucas 406 mirror

Please note that on NUB 120:

  • The mirrors have been switched: the RH mirror is now on the LH side, possibly in an attempt to keep the mirrors within the maximum width of the car.
  • The mirrors have been placed much closer to the driver and not on the top of the wing above the front wheels as later XKs normally have.

“Second generation” Lucas 406

Early 1953 Lucas introduced an improved version of the 406 series, which was indicated by adding suffixes to the Model number and by a new part number:

  1. Model 406/29 became 406/1/29A with new Lucas part number 062587.
  2. Model 406/41 became 406/1/41A with new Lucas part number 062590.

Note that the mounting Bracket (or stem) did not change with the new version and remained 620783 for RH and 620784 for LH.

As mentioned before all 406 mirrors originally had convex mirror glass, meaning the viewing angle was larger but the reflected image itself smaller. Later a flat glass version was added to the range.

The Lucas  “Advance Information” catalogue for 1955 jaguar Cars (issued February 1955) mentiones  these newer 406 mirrors (Lucas 062587 and 062590) for the  Jaguar Mk VII, but “Export only”. The corresponding Jaguar part number is C9091 (with a rubber pad  C9904 for the fitting). As stated, initially only as an option for (export) Mk VIIs but later as standard fitment for the Jaguar Mk VIIM.

IMG_0371 “Salesman’s Data Book” XK 140 listing wing mirrors

According the Spare Parts Catalogue the XK140 still didn’t have the (factory) option to order exterior (wing) mirrors. But the 1955 “Salesman’s Data Book” for the XK140 (and Mark VII M) clearly states that wing mirrors were available as “Jaguar Approved Accessories and Extras”. Also some photos from the mid 50s show XKs with either a single (driver side) or double wing mirrors. Dealers may have also ordered spare Mk VII wing mirrors (C9091) and holes were drilled to mount them.


Drawing Lucas 460 mirror Lucas 406 mirror dimensions

Technical details of the Lucas 406 range (second generation 1953 onwards)

  • Lucas wing mirror RH Model 406/1/29A Part number 062587
  • Lucas wing mirror LH Model 406/1/41A Part number 062590
  • Mirror head 406/1 Part number 62540A stamped on mounting flange
Lucas 406 mirror head original Original 406/1 65240A three screw mirror head
  • Screw, ball clamping fixing Part number 655453 (3 pcs)  RCSK slotted chromed 4BA x ½”
  • Ball clamp (stamped “Lucas Made in England”) Part number 620786
Lucas 406 mirror clamp Original ball clamp
  • Bracket assembly RH Part number 621740
  • Bracket assembly LH Part number 621749
  • Nut (BSF5/16 x 22), brass cadmium plated, fixing mirror to wing Part number 182519
  • Washer shake proof for Nut 182519 Part number 188471
  • Washer, plain,  OD 1½ “, under wing Part number 580735
  • Pad, rubber, base Part number 580734
Lucas 406 mirror fixing Text on original rubber pad: LEW  16
  • Bracket RH Part number 620783
  • Bracket LH Part number 620784
Lucs 406 mirror bracket 620783 49A     Lucas stem 41A 620784                  Note the Bracket models numbers 29A and 41A next to the part numbers casted in the base.

The mirror glass is held in the chromed mirror head by folding the outer rim over the glass (in a rotational process). The glass is sealed by a rubber ring and backed by thick paper. See photo.

Mirror head parts Photo Tadeusz Malkiewicz

Addition of flat glass mirrors: the Lucas 407 range

Late 1959 or early 1960 a flat glass range was added next to the model 406. The new versions were 407/29 (for RH) and 407/41 for LH mirrors. Also note that the Lucas part number was no longer stamped on the mirror head. A complete survey of 1967 Lucas catalogue numbers under the chapter “Recommended Accessories”:

  • Model number 406/29 (RH) convex glass:      59061047
  • Model number 406/41 (LH) convex glass:      59061049
  • Model number 407/29 (RH) flat glass:             59061055
  • Model number 407/41 (LH) flat glass:             59061056
  • Model number 407 (LH=RH) flat glass             59061057 (see next paragraph)
Lucas 407 29 in new box Lucas mirror 407 41 1967          New box for 407/29 (59061055) flat glass mirror          Lucas 407/41 (59061056) flat glass mirror
                              Lucas box type 13M 41A 5 67                    Lucas 59061047 LH Convex mirror                    Lucas 407/41A but other code 54061029
  • “Third generation” Lucas 407/112; symmetrical  two screw mounting

This version was introduced late 1959 or early 1960. It is based on the (new) flat glass 407 mirror head but received a new bracket (Lucas 112) that could be used both left and right . This model was about 15% cheaper than the 406 or 40729 and 407/41 models, that remained however in the programme.  Some Jaguar XK150s and some E-types have been seen with these mirrors from new, but it is unclear whether this is a factory (optional extra) mounted version or a later addition.

Lucas 460 mirror E type 1962 Lucas 460 mirror late 2 screws mount Lucas 407/112

The change implied a new type of Bracket (Lucas 112) which was now mounted on wing, pillar or door using 2 self-tapping screws instead of the single larger (5/16”) bolt of the previous two generations. This change necessitated a different base to create sufficient space for the two screws. This mirror is indicated as Model 407/112 and the part number for the complete mirror is 59061057 (dated 1967). The Bracket Lucas 112 has part number 521545 and “BS 1004A” casted in the base (the latter being the early British Standard for “Specification for zinc alloys for die casting”). Model 407/112 was never offered with a convex mirror head,  also because now the mirror could be mounted closer to the driver. The way the mirror had to be adjusted remained the same.

Lucas wing mirror symmetrical Lucas 59861037 wing mirtor symm Later model 407/112 flat glass mirror with symmetrical base and 2 screw mount; Lucas 59061057

The C.9091 (the “second generation” 406, made by Lucas) was most likely initially continued when the XK150 was introduced in 1957. For the first time the wing mirror was included in the Spare Parts Catalogue as an “optional extra” that could be ordered from the factory. The XK 150 Spare Parts Catalogue  mentiones part number C.16114 for the wing mirrors; this may refer to the modified  Lucas model 407/112 with Lucas part number 59061057 (see above) as supplied from 1959/1960.

This (third generation) Lucas mirror type is also seen on (Series 1) E Types, although TEX mirror types may have been used as well around that time.

Other Lucas wing mirrors

Characteristically the Lucas 406/407 type of mirrors all used a 3 screw clamp for mounting the mirror head to the bracket/stem. As we have seen above, different  brackets have been added to the programme (see also example “third generation”) but we have seen more bracket versions: see unknown example below. Model number unknown.

Lucas mirror 460 late based new bracket Unknown Lucas model number

Years later (1970s) Lucas switched over to a new mirror head fixation (MH 3) with a single bolt permanently attached to the mirror head. These mirror heads are no longer interchangeable with the 406 kind of mirror heads. This fixation system is more or less identical to e.g. the TEX system. The convex mirror head was coded MH 3C and we may assume that the flat mirror was coded MH 3F (unconfirmed).

Lucas mirror later mirror head non 3 screw Lucas later mirror head MH 3C

As we will see later, Magnatex had meanwhile introduced the so-called “spring back” system whereby the complete mirror was mounted on a spring mechanism allowing the assembly to flex in case someone/something hits the mirror. Lucas’ answer was to use special mounts to be placed between the existing mirror base and the wing (fender). These wing mirror “spring back” type of mounts had part number Lucas 062624. These mounts included a spring mechanism encased in rubber. The screw on the photo is only for packaging/transportation purposes.

Lucas 062624 spring back kit for 460 Special Lucas kit 062624 for “Spring back” upgrade

Change-over from Lucas to TEX (Magnatex)

(Magnatex Limited in 1962: Bath Road, Harlington, Hayes, Middlesex, UK.)

In the early 1960s  a (gradual?) change-over took place whereby Lucas mirrors were replaced by mirrors manufactured by Magnatex under the brand name TEX. Lucas catalogue CCE 906/62 of April 1962 “Quality Equipment and Spare Parts 1962 – Jaguar” only lists an Interior Mirror (Lucas 680) and no exterior mirrors any more. However, we do know that the supply of Lucas model 406 and 407 exterior mirrors continued until the early 1970s.

This is a rather difficult period to establish which mirror version was used on what model.  In the early 60s we see mirrors on the XK 150 (and the Mk VIII as well) that sometimes are Lucas while others are TEX. Of course this could also be a mix of “factory optional extras”  and dealer mounted mirrors, but the information available does not provide a clear timing for the change-overs. Some input for discussion:

According the Spare Parts Catalogue the Jaguar XK 150 (and the Mk VIII) received a revised wing mirror with Jaguar part no. C16114 for both sides in the early 60s. After the introduction of the E-Type in 1961 this mirror was also an “optional extra” on this car. This mirror, manufactured by Magnatex (TEX), had a spring loaded base, curved arm, round head and a flat mirror glass. It was no longer handed but fits the LH or RH side because the mirror head can be installed from two sides. There are apparently two versions of this wing mirror: Jaguar C16114 and Jaguar C16114/1 which have the same stem (bracket) but the first has a round mirror head while the latter has a (tapered) rectangular shaped mirror head. Most Jaguar part suppliers of today provide these mirror types as part number C16114 (or C16114/1).

TEX mirror spring back continental Jaguar C16114/1 with “continental” mirror head

The Jaguar Mk IX (1959 – 1961) also had two  C16114 Wing Mirrors available as “Optional Extras”. They were mounted on a line 1″ outside a straight line from the (red plastic) indicator in the sidelamp casing, and vertically, on a straight line up from the centers of the wheel hubs.

The use of Jaguar C16114/1, however, may have been short lived as becomes clear from  Jaguar’s proposed solution in Bulletin A.13 dated December 1961. This bulletin  describes a TEX “Viewmaster” adjustable mirror bracket of the “Spring Back” type with “Continental” type mirror head : this “Continental” mirror head type is (tapered) rectangular and no longer round. Also note that the mirror is placed on the bonnet (hood) of the E-Type. This TEX mirror apparently received Jaguar part number C19909. These mirrorrs were supplied with the car but not installed because of transport problems.

Jaguar drawing mirror position E type TEX adjustable with oblong mirror head  C19909 from 1968

So it looks like  wing mirror C16114 was replaced soon after its introduction by Jaguar part number C 19909 which is defined as Magnatex M2VC/6C. This C19909 wing (fender) mirror was fitted to cars exported to countries where external mirrors were compulsory like Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg or Switzerland. It was also supplied to special order.

The same TEX system could also be supplied with a round mirror head, as can be seen on the photo below. This type of adjustable bracket has been used on Jaguars from the early till the mid 60s (e.g Jaguar S-type).

TEX adjustable with round mirror head TEX adjustable bracket with round mirror head

Later Jaguar Mk10 and 420G  cars had wing mirrors Jaguar part number C20819 with additional description MC120/6C  which we assume is also made by TEX.  This (most likely) is the last wing mirror used by Jaguar after which only door mounted mirrors were used as exterior mirrors.  Jaguar Service bulletin A 15 dated July 1962 shows the correct position 14 1/2 inches back from the edge of the outboard lamp. It also shows a drawing of the correct mirror C20819.

For the year 1968 all LHD E-Types got a new LH door mounted mirror Jaguar C.28517 which is also described as  SA365 (which might be a TEX number). The matching RH door mirror has Jaguar code C30827. This mirror is also known as the “Swan Neck” and can also be (or has been) used as a wing mirror. This mirror is mounted  using two self-tapping screws and a hole (special shape) that allows the use of two speednuts in the door skin or wing. This mirror is still available.

Mirror Jaguar C28517 LD door Swan-neck wing mirror C25817
Door mounted Jaguar C28517 “Swan Neck” mirror. Also wing mounted  on e.g. later E-Type (Right)

Modern replacements

The “Lucas type” wing mirror is newly available from most parts suppliers, but in many cases these are not entirely identical to the original version (either generation 1 or 2):

  • The Clamp part number 620786 is often not stamped “Lucas Made in England”.
  • The casted (part) numbers at the underside of the Brackets have been deleted.
  • The 3 screws for the clamp should be of the  “raised countersunk” type with a slot, whereas the modern versions have  “pan head” crosshead screws.  
Lucas style 406 replica Modern replica “Lucas style”

However, based on the data provided in this survey, it should be possible to find a contemporary (derived) version that still has the required correct parts.

For the more specific types (example “third generation”) it will be much more difficult, but they are offered from time to time on e.g. Ebay.

TEX mirrors are still manufactured today, although not always completely identical to the specific version you might be looking for.

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