Oil dipstick for XK engines

Various types of dipsticks (indicating the engine oil level in the sump) have been used over the period of 1948 to 1961 for the XK’s. Not only changed the shape and length of the dipstick but also the actual minimum and maximum oil level mark did not remain the same. There were in total 6 versions:

  1. The XK 120 started with dipstick C2348 from its introduction in 1948.
  2. The first change was made in January 1950  (C2348/1) caused by an increased oil quantity:  oil level was increased by ⅝” (or 16 mm). It was also recommended to cut new marks in the C2348 dipstick of already supplied XK 120 engines.
  3. With the introduction of the XK 140 a new dipstick was used (C7486) which had a minor difference in oil level but was otherwise identical to the previous version.
  4. A new dipstick was supplied from engine number G1908 onwards (coded C8781) after an oil pump modification. The maximum oil level was lowered by 3/8”( or 10 mm). This version had a much longer handle and it was continued over the rest of the production of XK 140 (except LHD FHC:  see under 5) and the later 3.4 and 3.8 XK 150s (see early exceptions under 6).
  5. The XK 140 in LHD FHC execution had a special dipstick coded C10365 with a much shorter handle. This was because of the restricted space of the FHC body version in general and the LHD  steering column in the way more in particular.
  6. Early 3.4 (V 1001 – V5059) and 3.4S engines (VS 1001 to VS 1303) had a different dipstick coded C13277. The maximum oil level had been slightly raised (about 1/4 “or 6 mm) and the handle was shorter in comparison to the later C8781 version.


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